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8th November 2021

The Gafcon Lawyers Network, led by Dr Robert Tong, has developed valuable skills and expertise in establishing legal structures to help faithful Anglicans remain within our global Anglican...

1st November 2021

In Valparaiso diocese in the Iglesia Anglicana de Chile they are planting a new church in Playa Ancha, despite just emerging from an 18-month period of no physical church meetings.

25th October 2021

A team of women from the Anglican Church of the Holy Spirit organised a women’s event for the women living in a poor district called the Carolinas.

18th October 2021

The Gafcon Theological Education Network is led by Dr Peter Jensen. The purpose of this network is to give every bishop in the Anglican Communion access to excellent theological education.

11th October 2021

Anglican Aid (Sydney) launched a Bible Student Sponsorship plan in 2020.

4th October 2021

The training of evangelists in Goma diocese, DR Congo, follows a pattern. There is a temporary training school;

27th September 2021

In the Anglican Church in Brazil their church planting and evangelism is based on a ‘House of Peace’ strategy.

20th September 2021

In Toliara Diocese in Madagascar there have been thousands of conversions this year and thirteen church plants.

13th September 2021

In Mombasa Diocese, Kenya, the Bishop invited Anglican Missions Africa to run two courses, one for pastors on ‘Healthy Church’ and another for evangelists on ‘Urban Mission’.

6th September 2021

The Anglican Church is growing very fast in Toliara Diocese in southern Madagascar.

26th August 2021

On Sunday, August 22, the Church of the Holy Spirit (Diocese of Recife, Anglican Church in Brazil) celebrated its 25th anniversary.

19th August 2021

The Anglican Church in Nepal is growing fast. In twenty-one years, they have gone from having three Anglican churches to ninety-two.

11th August 2021

In the Archdeaconery of Binza, in the diocese of Goma, DR Congo, they have recently completed a portable training course for evangelists.

9th August 2021

In Nepal Covid-19 has been devastating in the last few months.

28th July 2021

On July 25, the Catedral Espírito Santo (Cathedral of the Holy Spirit) in Recife (The Anglican Church in Brazil), celebrated 'Yes Sunday' (confirmation).

26th July 2021

Gafcon Tanzania has partnered with Anglican Aid, Sydney, to build extra capacity at three Bible Colleges and in sponsoring forty students to begin their theological study this August.

19th July 2021

In Myanmar the Christian Karen people are in particular danger.

12th July 2021

Getch Temere, who is from Tigray, Ethiopia, is living under asylum in the U.S. and he attends an Anglican Church in North America church.


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