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Jerusalem 2018 Blog

It all happened more than ten years ago but listening to the Rev Rico Tice, from the Church of England,  explain why he left the Archbishops’ Task Force for Evangelism brought it all flo

A blog about two GAFCON 2018 delegates who find they have more in common than just cricket....

Blog detailing the tour of the place where Jesus was said to have been baptised, Qumran and The Dead Sea.

A blog about the many nations present at GAFCON 2018 in Jerusalem

A blog about one delegate who suffered a snake bite one day before GAFCON 2018!

An article summing up GAFCON 2018 in Jerusalem.

Article about Eliab Bakatagura, a lay Canon and a Gafcon delegate from Ankole Diocese, Uganda. He shares his experiences of the GAFCON 2018 Dead Sea Tour.

Blog article on how a potentially serious disagreement between two Gafcon Primates was saved by wine...

Revd Philip de Grey-Warter shares his experiences of GAFCON 2018.

A personal account from a delegate about why her Dad was right about persuading her to attend GAFCON 2018!

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