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9th March 2021
WELCOME to Everyday Global Anglicans! Each month Ernie Didot interviews the new monthly devotional contributor and speaks to faithful Anglicans around the Gafcon global family about news items.
9th March 2021
Find out how faithful Anglicans around the world are proclaiming Christ faithfully and seeing their churches and dioceses grow.
12th February 2021

We have been listening to you, now you can listen to us - on Podcasts!

24th November 2020
Resources for your quiet times, church and fellowship this Advent.
26th June 2020
A helpful 4-minute video which explains why Gafcon is a vital movement within the Anglican Communion and how Gafcon is proclaiming Christ faithfully, equipping leaders and laity for Gospel witness,...
20th May 2020

Peter Akinola: Who Blinks First?: Biblical Fidelity Against the Gay Agenda in the Global Anglican Communion

March 30, 2020

Forward by Archbishop Dr Peter Jensen

7th April 2020

Did you miss the panel discussion on technology in ministry during these days of crisis? You may have taken the technology dive in livestreaming your service and have more questions than you...

20th February 2020

O Gafcon é um movimento global de cristãos anglicanos fiéis, e hoje estamos lançando o primeiro dos quatro sites com conteúdo em linguagens regionais, começando pelo idioma PORTUGUÊS. Clique aqui...

20th February 2020
Gafcon's General Secretary Archbishop Ben Kwashi is on the front line of faith, three times terrorists have tried to kill him but each time they have failed to crush his faith or dampen his joy.
6th February 2020

What's happened since 1998? The Anglican Reality Check website takes a look at the recent history of the Anglican Communion. It reveals how predominantly Western church leaders have relentlessly...

12th December 2019

For you to use in your church services: Eternal God and gracious Father, whose blessed Son Jesus Christ died for our redemption; commissioned His disciples to preach the good news; and sent the...

30th July 2019

Welcome to Gafcon Quarterly, the new sheet which aims to keep Bible-believing Anglicans up to date of Gafcon and Anglican Communion news four times a year.

1st July 2019
This documentary (c. 40mins) aims to share the experiences, impact, significance and joys of GAFCON 2018.
1st July 2019

At the G19 gathering in Dubai Gafcon’s Chairman Archbishop Foley Beach gave a powerful talk on ‘Sexuality, Secularity and Syncretism’ which brought to light the difficult facts about the Anglican...

1st July 2019
"Come Praise Him!" from All Saints Cathedral Nairobi, Kenya. Find out how the laity and clergy are guarding the truth of Bible in their areas of service and living out their faith in Jesus in their...
1st July 2019
Gafcon has held 4 conferences and we have a fantastic library of talks and interviews, so we’ve broken them down to give you short bites of each one, highlighting the wonderful truths and promises of...
14th June 2019
In May 2015, the Gafcon Primates commissioned an international Task Force to study the question of whether consecration of women as bishops is consistent with biblical teaching and Anglican tradition...
24th April 2019

Welcome to Gafcon Quarterly, the newsheet which aims to keep Bible-believing Anglicans abreast of Gafcon and Anglican Communion news four times a year.


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