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Johnny Lockwood (Prayer Network leader) gathers daily prayer requests and items for praise from around the world, which you can follow by scrolling down on this page or on the Gafcon Facebook and Instagram.

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The Gafcon Collect: 

Eternal God and gracious Father, whose blessed Son Jesus Christ died for our redemption; commissioned His disciples to preach the good news; and sent the indwelling Holy Spirit in every generation to embrace and proclaim salvation in Christ alone:   
Arise and defend your Church, the pillar and bulwark of the truth.  Shine the light of your Holy Word upon hearts darkened by error and strengthen the work of Gafcon so that the Anglican Communion throughout the world proclaims Christ faithfully to the nations, that captives may be set free, the straying rescued, and the confused restored. Bind your children together in truth, love, unity and courage, that we, with all your saints, may inherit your eternal kingdom, through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Amen. 

PrayerMate App

Johnny has also introduced the Prayermate app to help keep the Gafcon family up to date with news from around the world. This is a very useful app for organising daily prayer on your smartphone.

Go to  to find instructions for how to get the Prayermate app. Then 'subscribe' to the Gafcon feed - add subject / Church Life / World Churches / Gafcon. It is a free app and a free subscription. You can also use the QR code below.

Global Anglicans Moment & Prayer

Global Anglicans Moment & Prayer is an initiative for churches around the world so that each week they are kept up to date with news and a prayer item:

Throughout the Gafcon churches worldwide we are looking to build up the faithful global Communion by sharing these bulletin updates in Gafcon churches' media announcements. We are seeking to have a Gafcon representative or advocate in each church who will be our point of contact for the Moment & Prayer items. If you are a church staff member and/or an active church member who is using the Moment & Prayer news then we would love to connect with you and email the weekly updates to you. Follow the updates on website and social media with the hashtag #globalmomentandprayer

Please email [email protected] if you would like to find out more and be added to the group of Gafcon Church Representatives/Advocates.

Interceeding for the Persecuted Church

Faith McDonnell, co-leader of the Suffering Church Network, recommends Open Doors' World Watch List 2021 to interceed for our persecuted brothers and sisters around the world, click here to find out more.

Daily prayers from around the world

20th November 2022

United Adoration is a movement to encourage artists to use their gifts to benefit their worshiping community.

19th November 2022

Thank God for a very encouraging time at the consecration of three new assistant bishops: Bishop Tim and Bishop Lee for the Anglican Mission in England, and Bishop Ian for the Anglican Convocation...

18th November 2022

In Plateau State in Nigeria, Pastors and church workers are a target for kidnappings. Killings and destruction of property is also frequent.

17th November 2022

GAFCON IV, April 17-21, 2023, Kigali, Rwanda. Thank God for the numbers of delegates already booked in. The final numbers (plus or minus 10%) need to be booked in by the end of the year.

16th November 2022

The Church of Uganda is holding its PAYSCO event (The Provincial Annual Youth and Students Convention) December 9-13. The Convention could not happen in 2020 or 2021 because of lockdowns.

15th November 2022

The Holy Cross Theological College in Yangon, Myanmar, have a wonderful new building but they need official permits before they can use it.

14th November 2022

Anglican Missions Africa is a young missionary movement having a great impact. On Nov 18-19 the Board of Directors is having a retreat.

13th November 2022

The Anglican Church in Toliara Diocese in Madagascar has been booming in the last two years. As a result, there is a great need to train more ministers.

12th November 2022

GAFCON IV, April 17-21, 2023, Kigali, Rwanda. Last month we prayed for an increase in cash flow to be able to pay significant down-payments.

11th November 2022

'Explore' is a Bible correspondence course developed by the George Whitefield College in Cape Town.

10th November 2022

DIVCCON - The Divine Commonwealth Conference is a very large Church of Nigeria conference, taking place in Abuja, Nigeria (Nov 7-11).

9th November 2022

In October we prayed for the Mugumu Safe House (Anglican Church of Tanzania, Mara Diocese). October and November are often busy times and so far, 4 new children have joined the safe house.

8th November 2022

Rev Hassan John (Nigeria) is working with over 750 pastors from 15 denominations. They are training for missions in the northern States of Nigeria and also up to the Niger Republic.

7th November 2022

Since 2020 the Church of Uganda has been running a 'Positive Parenting' course.

6th November 2022

During October 19 -23 in the Diocese of Valparaíso, in the Anglican Church of Chile, they had the clergy retreat, the Diocesan Synod, the licensing of lay clergy, and the ordination of deacons.

5th November 2022

Anglican International Development (AID, England) are helping South Sudanese refugees in Ugandan refugee camps to develop fields and grow their own food.

4th November 2022

United Adoration are pioneering a new type of creative workshop on Saturday, November 12, in Fort Wayne (Indiana, U.S.) The idea is for people to sign up in pairs - one person exploring visual art...

3rd November 2022

In the Diocese of Barishal, Bangladesh, there has been extensive flooding and waterlogging following Cyclone Sitrang.


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