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Walking the “Way of the Cross”

A number of GAFCON pilgrims have been walking the Via Dolorosa this week as they meet in Jerusalem. This street in the Old City of Jerusalem was named the ‘street of suffering’ because it is believed to be the path that Jesus walked to His crucifixion.

Several of these pilgrims told us what the experience of walking the Via Dolorosa meant to them.

I was encouraged by the verse engraved on the Church of the Holy Sepulchre: “He is not here - He is risen.” That is a place we can visit, but we know that Jesus is not in the ground there, but is with us now; He is among us.
Bishop John Ntgyereize (Uganda)

You know in your mind that Jesus walked here, but it doesn’t sit on you - the crowds, the market, etc. I need time to process it in quiet.
Bishop Richard Boyce (USA)

It was moving to be part of so many pilgrims who have traced this path - the path of Christ. The realization of how physically arduous it was for Christ hit hard.
Carolyn Rogers Clark (USA)

I found it very meaningful. What you read in the Bible was very real. We are able to relive the stories of the Bible. These stories now have more impact.
Christian Kintu-Mulimira (Uganda)

It’s a wonderful, wonderful way of experiencing Christ’s journey and his giving His life for us. It was a real blessing.
Bishop William Millsaps (USA)

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