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Update on GAFCON Statement Progress

Archbishop Benjamin Nzimbi, of the Anglican Church of Kenya, spoke to the press on Thursday, June 28 about the progress and content of the Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON) Statement.

While not in final form, there is already general agreement among pilgrims about a number of points. At GAFCON, there is a determination to maintain the authority of scripture in the life of the Church, a profound sadness about the current state of the Anglican Communion. Pilgrims also want to see GAFCON develop into a long term movement instead of a one-time conference, agree that more permanent structures need to be established for faithful Anglicans who live in serve in provinces that have left the traditional teachings of scripture, and desire to continue to reach out to other Anglicans.

Every pilgrim has had multiple opportunities to provide concerns, hopes, and suggestions to the statement committee throughout the week. The first draft of the statement will be read to all pilgrims on Friday, June 27. The statement will be finalized before GAFCON ends on June 29.

Archbishop Nzimbi’s complete remarks follow

“We continue the process of discernment whereby every voice has been given the opportunity to be heard. This means we are still in the process of developing our final statement. Some themes, however, are emerging:

  1. There is a passion for the Gospel, a determination to stay true to the Bible, to continue the work of mission and to do so as Anglicans.
  2. There is a profound sadness about the current state of the Anglican Communion and a sense of betrayal and abandonment by the exiting leadership and communion structures.
  3. There is a determination to build on the experience of GAFCON and see it become a movement and not simply a moment.
  4. There is recognition that for this movement to continue to develop it will require an agreed theological framework and appropriate structures to sustain its growth.
  5. There is also agreement that more permanent structures need to be established for those faithful Anglicans who live and serve in provinces that have abandoned the traditional teaching of the Bible.
  6. There is a genuine desire to continue to reach out to other Anglicans around the Communion who share our common faith so that we can grow in our witness to the world of God’s transforming power.
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