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Ugandan primate calls for GAFCON support

The primate of the Church of Uganda, the Most Rev. Stanley Ntagali has likened GAFCON/FCA (Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans) to the East African Revival and called for believers to back the Nairobi conference to be held in October.

In a major statement in Kampala, Archbishop Ntagali referred to the fact that exactly ten years ago an active homosexual, who was a divorced father of two children, was elected a Bishop in the Episcopal Church in America. “This unbiblical decision on the part of a church threw the entire global Anglican Communion into chaos” he said.

The chaos, the Archbishop said, shows no sign of improving.

“We have a new Archbishop of Canterbury who is born again and has a testimony. I have personally met him and I like him very much. But, the problems in the Communion are still there, and they don’t change just because there is a new global leader. In fact, ten years later, the crisis has deepened.”

Archbishop Ntagali  said he had joined with the Archbishop of Nigeria, the other Archbishops of East Africa, and the GAFCON Primates council to organise the second Global Anglican Future Conference at All Saints’ Cathedral, Nairobi, from 21st to 26th October.

The Archbishop revealed the Church of Uganda will be sending 200 delegates to what he called ‘this important revival meeting’.

“GAFCON is to the Anglican Communion as the East African Revival was to the church in Uganda. At first it was small revival fellowships meeting outside the church structures and church services. But, as the revival spread, it became mainstream in the Church. Now, most of the Church of Uganda is led by clergy and Bishops shaped by the East African Revival” the Archbishop said.

“In the same way, we are going to GAFCON 2 in Nairobi to see that the Biblical faith of GAFCON spreads like revival throughout the whole Anglican Communion, so that global Anglicanism is brought back to its Biblical and evangelistic faith.”

The Archbishop called on Ugandan Christians to pray for their church and the GAFCON meeting, to support the conference financially and to ask for information.

“We need you to ask your Bishop and GAFCON delegates to report back to you after the conference” Archbishop Ntagali told a news conference. “Ask them to tell you what they are doing to keep the Anglican Church on track.”

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