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The Surfing Archbishop

19th April 2021

Archbishop Miguel Uchoa had preached in the evening service and had a long day of ministry under his belt, but even after all of that, I (Ernie) bumped into him late in the evening at a local açaí shop (açaí is a deep purple berry eaten like sherbert in Brazil)--he was fellowshipping with members of the church and sharing Christ with others. This was my first experience with Archbishop Miguel in Brazil, but I later learned that this was his standard operating procedure. Relationship building and shepherding his flock, the vicars, and bishops is at the core of who he is as a Primate: raising up fishers of men and organically planting churches.

As a member of the Gafcon Primates Council, which is meeting online this week to address a variety of issues, he can safely make the claim of being the only true surfing Primate! What you will find in this interview with ++Miguel is that he is as genuine and easy a guy to be with as anyone you'll ever encounter. In his relaxed manner, he shares what drew him to Christ, how God is at work in the Anglican Church in Brazil, and how they are responding to the COVID crisis. 

Praise God that His church is exploding in Brazil! At the core of this movement is a Primate who thrived on the beaches of Recife from a young age, and who is now leading a growing movement, proclaiming Christ faithfully on the shores of Brazil and beyond.

Watch the full interview with Archbishop Miguel here: 

Or listen on the Everyday Anglican Podcast here.


Interview with Abp. Miguel Uchoa
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