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The Growing Anglican Church in Brazil

9th December 2019

We praise God for the continued growth of the Anglican Church in Brazil.

Around five years ago, the Holy Spirit Anglican church from Recife Brazil started a church plant initiative program through the cell groups. The city of Cabo, 30km south from Recife, was the first to be included in the program. The cell group was growing to the point that it was decided that a church should be planted.

The church started in a rented building for 80 people. Due to the enthusiasm of the new congregation and the commitment to evangelism it soon became obvious the need to start a new service and the hall was readjusted for 100 seats. This was still not enough, and a few months later the 3rd service was launched.

For some years, the continuing growth meant that some people had to stand outside the building to worship. There was a need to move on again, so on November 24th, a parade of worshippers from the former building of City Anglican Church in Cabo de Santo Agostinho carried their chairs, banged drums, and sang worship songs through the streets on route to their new building, seating up to 400.

The Archbishop, Miguel Uchoa, preached a special message and the Rector, The Rev. Ricardo Melo, welcomed the worshippers by saying,

"The joy of those who persevere in the faith and keep sowing the Gospel is to know that, in due time, they will see the growth in the Kingdom of God."

May God be magnified and honoured as His kingdom grows!

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