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Technology Advice & Experience for Churches Responding to COVID-19

30th April 2020

Across the Anglican Communion churches are innovating with technologies to keep the church engaged during the COVID-19 crisis. Many churches are using livestream technology but it can be a new frontier for many to explore as they deal with HDMI cards, cables, streaming services and internet upload speeds. 

A good starting point if you have already taken the dive into technology during this time would be to go here to listen to six panelists from around the world share their tips, insights and ideas:



Marcos from Brazil, a sound engineer, suggests using this Roland GO: Audio Mixer for Smarthphones  (roughly $100). Figuring out the audio inputs can be a real challenge so this could be an effective solution.

To start an Instagram Live video go here:

North America and ACNA


  • Susie Leafe from Gafcon - UK has pulled together an excellent PDF guide for using Zoom (download it at the bottom of this page). Everything from setting up breakout rooms to the bits and pieces of running a meeting smoothly are all shared in this comprehensive guide. 
  • Rev. Philip de Grey-Warter from Anchor Anglican in Fowey, Cornwall, UK shares, "Glen Scrivener in the UK has done an excellent podcast [here] which discusses the merits of different approaches to livecast/zoom/webex, etc. They also tackle some of the issues of how leading/preaching differs because of the medium. It would be a good place to sign post people to, beyond zoom basics."
  • Facebook live streaming advice here:
  • YouTube live streaming advice here:


  • Daniel Willis reports that Sydney has been using this video as a helpful aid to get setup in livestreaming. 
  • This Facebook group, "Online Church - Ideas and Resources" has lots of tech advice. 
  • @IggyWong shares about Church Online Platform "It's what (creation of you version bible app) in the USA uses. They are giving their platform away for free. The main appeal for me is the easy clear access to key links/resources which Facebook live can't provide. Instant prayer requests looks good too!" They also have an good blog page full of tech advice 
  • For those wanting to use zoom for ministry this is a great Facebook group


Recording advice from Glenn Scrivener, Speak Life:

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