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Networks Widen GAFCON Spread and Appeal

Gafcon has often come across as an event, and one that is the preserve of the leadership. Not anymore, if the Networks have their way.

From its launch in Jerusalem in 2008, to the second meeting in Nairobi in 2013, and now on to Gafcon III in Jerusalem, the movement had, in the popular imagination, been associated with the archbishops who head the various provinces. Not anymore.

Canon Charles Raven who, as Membership Development Secretary, directs the Networks, answers a few of our questions:

Hmmm! How come?: “We do not want to be a movement that simply meets every five years! We have to proclaim the Gospel everyday!”

The movement is going to the grassroots, with the launch this week of the nine networks:

  • Church Planting - led by Canon Alan Hawkins
  • Theological Education - led by Rev’d Dr Andrew Shead
  • Bishops Training Institute - led by Bishop Samson Mwaluda
  • Mothers’ Union and Women Senior Leaders - led by Mrs. Gloria Kwashi
  • Youth & Children’s Ministry - led by Rev’d Craig Roberts
  • Global Mission Partnerships - led by Canon William Beasley
  • Intercessors Fellowship - led by Rev. Canon Christine Shimanya
  • Lawyers Taskforce - led by Canon Phil Ashey and Dr Robert Tong
  • Sustainable Development - led by Rev’d Dr Dennis Tongoi

Why nine?: “While we want to be ambitious, we do not want to over-reach. Having too many of them will only produce a ghost network, with no substance. The nine are priorities; they will do a good job.”

Really? How will they operate?: “The groups will identify particular projects – we shall not micromanage them. Each one will be given a start-up budget, though we encourage self-funding.”

Where do Network leaders come from?: “These are individuals who already had passion for their areas. We do not want people who would do the work out of duty. These are ministers who God has already been using, who have passion and a calling.”

So how will they function?: “Alongside the startup budget, we have provided communication tools: Dropbox, Zoom for conferencing, WhatsApp groups, Youtube channels, and spots on the Gafcon website. Face-to-face relations are critical.”

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