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Moment & Prayer 23 April 2020

22nd April 2020

This week's news and prayer item come from Northern Nigeria where the Christians are under attack. Please use these news and prayer items in your church's communications:


The Gafcon Suffering Church Network was launched in 2019, to provide fellowship, advocacy and intentional prayer for the Suffering Church. This Network is led by Bishop Andudu Elnail, bishop of Kadugli diocese in the Nuba Mountains region of Sudan, and Faith McDonnell, director of the International Religious Liberty Program based in Washington DC.  


Nigeria. Canon Hassan John visited Ntiriku village in Kaduna state after an attack by Fulani Islamists on April 19, in which 4 local people died, 65 homes were set on fire, and other destruction took place. Joseph Maza, 95 years old, lost his sister in law and his daughter. “I feel pain, like fire in my heart,” he said.

Pray for the victims of Fulani Islamists. Pray for Hassan John as he visits, reports, ministers. Pray for the Nigerian government to recognise the urgent need for intervention.


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