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Live Interview with Jeremy Marshall

4th June 2020

“Perhaps the hardest part of the Christian life is dealing with that unholy and unwanted trio of visitors; fear, suffering and death. Death, the Bible tells us, is the last enemy and one we must all face. Suffering usually comes before death and is a visitor we all dread for who wants to suffer? Fear is normally the first of the trio to make our acquaintance, affecting not our bodies but our minds.”

– Jeremy Marshall, UK, continue reading here.

Jeremy was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in 2013. He was 49 years old, happily married with three children. After undergoing surgery and a course of radiotherapy, Jeremy was declared cancer-free. But two years later he was diagnosed with cancer again, this time in a different form and was told it was incurable.

Jeremy will be writing theLift Up Your Hearts’ devotions throughout June with a focus on those who have suffered throughout the Bible, homing in on people such as Joseph, Job, the widow of Nain and of course our Lord Jesus. To continue reading his introductory article please click here.

To help you get to know Jeremy a bit more we interviewed him LIVE on Facebook on Monday June 1st. Jeremy has also written a book,'Beyond the Big C’  which chronicles Jeremy’s extraordinary relationship with cancer and, more than anything, his extraordinary relationship with the Person who promises life beyond the prognosis.

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