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Lenten Worship with the Gettys

23rd February 2021

On Wednesday, February 17, many Anglicans began the practice of Lent with Ash Wednesday services. There is a broad range of practices that Anglicans follow during the Lenten season. In an age of increasing instant gratification, the practice of Lent leading up to Easter runs against the tide in many cultures. 

What is Lent about and what are some songs of worship which can, as Reverend Wes Jagoe says, " us slow down and focus on our relationship with the Lord"?

In part 2 of Preparing for Lent: The Journey, Ernie Didot spoke with Archbishop Foley Beach and Keith & Kristyn Getty on the Everyday Global Anglicans interview. At the end, Keith and Kristyn perform a beautiful new recording of their song My Worth.

You can listen to Archbishop Foley Beach & the Gettys on our Everyday Global Anglicans podcast here

Download the songbook from the Gettys, with their Lenten hymns and songs at the bottom of the page.

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