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Kangaroos Don't Go Backwards

Among the 2,000 international delegates meeting at GAFCON III in Jerusalem is one from Australia who is giving each delegate that he meets a “gold” kangaroo pin. To the non-antipodeans he explains why- the kangaroo is an animal that is incapable of going backwards. He believes the same to be true of the advance of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and of his church.

The theme of the conference is, “Proclaiming Christ Faithfully to the Nations”.

Reminders of it are everywhere- the conference liturgy includes the acclamation, “We will proclaim” and the response, “Christ faithfully to the nations”, it is on literature, programmes, worship books and banners. The Ugandan delegation are literally wearing it on their backs.

It is a daunting task: 

“To the Nations”- with all their cultural, historic, social and economic diversity.

“To the Nations”- with all their opposition to the Gospel- both religious and secular. 

“To the Nations”- with all their false Gospels of salvation without repentance and expectation of financial blessing and physical well-being.

A daunting task, but as ubiquitous as the conference theme, are examples of it happening in practice across the globe and on the Gafcon website we have collected stories from just a few of them.  They are being assisted by the start of a new Global Mission Partnership network that has been launched here in Jerusalem (read more here).

Sometimes church plants come on leaps and bounds and sometimes at a crawl but the direction of travel is always forward - all a bit like a kangaroo really.

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