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Gratitude for support given to the families stricken by Cyclone Idai

In March this year, Cyclone Idai struck parts of Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe. Bishop Vicente from Niassa diocese in Mozambique, which was badly affected, gives an update on the aid and relief work that he organised. Gafcon's Sustainable Development Network worked with Anglican Aid and Anglican International Development (AID), and the two agencies raised some US$30,000 to help those affected in Niassa and the wider region. This is Bishop Vicente's letter of thanks and an update on his work:

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

My heart is full of thankfulness to God for the sacrificial giving of all who contributed so generously when we were in great distress following Cyclone Ida. You have stood with us in saving lives and laying the foundations for recovery.

Thanks to your generosity we have already been able to distribute live-saving essentials to some 600 very needy families. They receive a sack of maize, a sack of maize seeds, 20kg of beans and mosquito nets. Distribution continues and we are now able to reach a further 500 families. Many of the worst affected are in areas where roads have been washed away and we have hired motorbikes so that our teams can get through to isolated communities which are really difficult to reach. For example, in Morrumbala district, people have not been supported with anything from the government or any relief organisation, so we are meeting need where it really counts.

These efforts are spearheaded by our Diocesan ‘Equipe de Vida’ teams who have special training in AIDS, malaria and cholera prevention. The next stage will be to provide biblical counselling and support for those who have been deeply traumatised by this disaster through injury, the loss of loved ones and the loss of livelihoods. Indeed, many Mozambicans have deep psychological wounds which go back to the post-colonial civil war.

Once again, my thanks for your kindness and to God be the glory!

Bishop Vicente Msosa

Bishop Vicente visiting a church in his diocese who have been affected by Cyclone Idai.

The cyclone destroyed many bridges so they must cross on foot. There is no electricity and the community must walk back in the dark across two rivers.

The community on their way to the gathering.

Many of the farms and produce has been destroyed by pests, despite being able to grow crops again. This will mean food is in short supply for the following year.

Read more about Cyclone Idai here.

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