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27th November 2023
Paul Donison assumes office as Gafcon General Secretary
22nd November 2023
Archbishop Benjamin Kwashi steps down as Gafcon General Secretary
16th November 2023
This week marks a tragic moment in the history of the Church of England. On Wednesday, November 15, its General Synod approved a proposal to encourage its bishops to continue their work in creating...
10th November 2023
Statement from the Gafcon Primates Council 6-9 November 2023
2nd October 2023
Moment In early November the Gafcon Primates are meeting in London for a few days.
25th September 2023
The Kigali Statement (April 2023) states ‘we commit ourselves to working with orthodox Primates and other leaders to reset the Communion on its biblical foundations.’
18th September 2023
In the Kigali Statement (April 2023) there is an encouragement for Gafcon Provinces to seek to be self-sufficient to avoid being vulnerable to economic manipulation.
11th September 2023
Anglican Missions Africa (AMA) was established in 2019 and has a focus on training, evangelism, and church planting. In four years, they have been very active in training, resourcing, and partnering...
4th September 2023
The Kigali Statement (April 21, 2023) states: ‘We therefore commit to pray that God will guide this process of resetting [the Anglican Communion], and that Gafcon and GSFA will keep in step with the...
28th August 2023
The Kigali Statement (April 21, 2023) states that ‘’We cannot ‘walk together’ in good disagreement with those who have deliberately chosen to walk away from the ‘faith once for all delivered to the...
21st August 2023
Moment Centro de Estudios Pastorales (CEP), is a training Seminary for Anglican ministry in Chile. They are in the process of developing a new curriculum.
14th August 2023
The Anglican Mission in England (AMiE) is a growing Convocation of Anglican churches in England committed to church planting.
7th August 2023
The Diocese of Nyahururu, in the Anglican Church of Kenya, is having a mega-mission, assisted by Anglican Missions Africa, August 23-27.
31st July 2023
The Seminario Anglicano ƒ(SAT) provides theological education for the Anglican Church in Brazil. The Seminary is open for enrolment now.
24th July 2023
Anglican Missions Africa participated in a mega-mission in Mbeere Diocese in the Anglican Church of Kenya. 1,521 missioners from 17 dioceses (14 Kenyan dioceses and 3 Ugandan) visited 9,712 homes,...
17th July 2023
Refugees from the conflict in Sudan are fleeing to Egypt. The Anglican churches in Cairo seek to love and care for the many refugees.
10th July 2023
Mbeere Diocese in Kenya, in partnership with Anglican Missions Africa, have recently concluded a mega-mission. Over 1700 missioners from different parts of the country, and from other countries, were...
3rd July 2023
Moment The General Synod of the Church of England is meeting July 7-12, 2023.


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