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Gafcon Theological Education Network Reaches Out

20th May 2020

Theological colleges and seminaries around the world are having to adapt very rapidly to the Covid-19 pandemic. Many have had to close their campuses and switch to online learning, but in parts of the world where connectivity is unreliable or unaffordable, closure has been complete and traumatic. For those institutions which have been able to adapt to online learning, the process has often been stressful. Not only is there unfamiliar technology to master, but fatigue can be a problem when face to face interaction is replaced by online learning.

The Gafcon Theological Education network has reacted quickly to develop a strategy to support affiliated colleges in this period of rapid change.

Firstly, the network is collating monthly news and prayer points for circulation. Colleges are now praying for each other in an informed way and the isolation that all will feel to a greater of lesser extent is reduced. Secondly, a guide to online learning by Rev Dr Dick Seed has been circulated to assist with the rapid adaptation required and enable colleges to use this unexpected change creatively. Thirdly, the Network will provide a forum for the sharing of experience so that there can be mutual learning and support through sharing of resources as colleges come to grips with this new world. 

One college principal’s comment neatly sums up the opportunity and challenge of the crisis ‘Churches are both growing and shrinking at the same time. Pastors are weary. An economic storm looms on the horizon.’ The Gafcon Theological Education Network is dedicated to the promotion and expansion of ministry  training which is built on a faithful reading of Scripture. Please support and pray for this work so that it will not only survive but thrive, to the glory of God and for the conversion of many.

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