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Gafcon is on Podcasts!

9th February 2021

We have been listening to you, now you can listen to us - on Podcasts!

In April last year we started interviewing members of the global Gafcon family so that we could digitally connect with each other despite the COVID-19 pandemic. We are now offering to you a monthly FREE subscription podcast to Everyday Global Anglicans and on a monthly basis we are continuing to interview various people from around the globe who help provide insight into the many ways that God is at work around the communion in everyday lives.

Just this last month, we interviewed two ministers and Bishop Andy Lines from the UK who shed light on the big events happening in the formation of a new Anglican jurisdiction for those who in good conscience could no longer sit under the authority of the Church of England. Coming up this month we meet the people who are translating our devotions, prayers and key news items into Spanish and Portuguese so that we can reach more people worldwide! You can catch up on these interviews and more here:

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In addition, did you know that over the past year, Gafcon’s Lift Up Your Hearts Devotions have grown in popularity to nearly 4000 subscribers who follow it every weekday? Contributors from around the global Anglican Communion draw from Scripture to help equip and encourage the church to proclaim Christ faithfully.

We have been providing the opportunity to listen to it via audio recording, but we listened to some of you ask that it be made available on a podcast subscription basis.

Now we are pleased to announce that it is available on a podcast subscription basis on various platforms (e.g. Google Play, iTunes, Spotify, etc.); you can now go ahead and walk the dog, drive the car or fulfil your New Year’s exercise resolution, all the while, listening to the Lift Up Your Hearts Devotions.

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We hope you will subscribe and that these are an encouragement to you in your walk with the Lord. It is such a privilege to be able to speak with brothers and sisters around the world, hear their joys and sorrows and despite the COVID-19 pandemic, have deep fellowship with one another.

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