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Gafcon Ireland PREPARES people for Christian ministry

  • Theology is for everyone!

  • A strong church requires a theologically astute laity!

  • Gafcon Ireland PREPARES people for Christian ministry!

Gafcon Ireland continues to express these ongoing convictions through our recent completion of its second annual TheologyIreland programme.

This year TheologyIreland expanded on what we began in January 2018 when we had Dr Peter Orr run the foundational “Biblical Theology” course—introducing the whole Bible’s storyline, and so equipping people to better read and understand the Bible for themselves.  In January 2019 Peter returned to run this course again for those new to TheologyIreland, and to build upon this foundation for those students who attended last year.

Those returning for this second year were treated to an introduction to Matthew’s gospel, with a particular focus on how Matthew uses the Old Testament to understand who Jesus is, and what he came to do.  We saw that Matthew’s use of the Old Testament is foundational “Biblical Theology”!

In a wonderful new step for TheologyIreland we were able to offer the Foundation Course in Belfast with live-streaming to students registered in Dublin.

Peter also ran courses for Lay readers in the Republic of Ireland in “Preaching from Luke’s gospel” to assist in their preaching  from this year's Church of Ireland Lectionary.  If that were not enough, he also led Saturday sessions dealing with various contemporary issues, and other sessions for Christian leaders!

How wonderful to receive the service of such a godly Christian scholar.  We are thankful to God for him, and for the generosity of his family who we are sure felt his absence for three weeks. We are also thankful to Moore Theological College for their PARTNERSHIP in the gospel.

TheologyIreland will continue to grow, building Christian people in their knowledge and love of Christ by teaching the God-breathed scriptures that we Anglicans confess contain all things necessary to salvation.

Theology IS for everyone!  And our church is stronger through the equipping of laity and leadership this Gafcon Ireland work of TheologyIreland.

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