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DISCOVER: Ordination at St. Matthews Anglican, New York, U.S.A.

11th November 2020

On a cold, 37'F day on Long Island, New York, U.S.A., the people of St. Matthews Anglican Church scrambled to set up tents over soggy ground for the ordination of The Rev. Jean Ricker Fils-Aimé. The remnants of Hurricane Zeta had just swept through knocking over one of the tents, leaving a mess as they struggled to receive special guests like Bishop Julian Dobbs of the Diocese of the Living Word. The excitement of the parish overcame the challenges of the environment and Christ was glorified. 

The event embodied the vision that Bishop Julian has for Anglicans in North America: that people from every ethnicity and culture would be served. The Rev. Jean Ricker Fils-Aimé, is a Haitian-American believer that serves a predominantly Caribbean parish. Interestingly, this ordination recalls what happened on another Sunday, November 8, 1874 in New York City where Episcopal Church leaders ordained James Theodore Holly as the first bishop of Haiti. According to the Christian History Institute, this also made Holly the first African American raised to the office of missionary bishop in the Episcopal Church where, “he served in that capacity until his death in Port-au-Prince [Haiti] in 1911.” Bishop Holly went on to establish 15 parishes in Haiti, form many social service institutions, and even attend the Anglican Church’s Lambeth conference in England in 1878. 

We look forward with anticipation and prayer to the ministry of St. Matthews Anglican and Rev. Jean to the people on Long Island, New York, U.S.A. Watch this Discover video to hear Bishop Julian Dobbs share the story of this eventful day. Bishop Julian and contributors from his Diocese are sharing the Lift Up Your Hearts devotions this month found here.
*Thanks to to Rev. Marc Steele video footage and information.

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