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Bringing the true gospel of Jesus Christ to Ireland

The island of Ireland is in desperate need of the gospel of Jesus Christ!  This is the driving force behind the formation and vision of Gafcon Ireland.

Many years before the Reformation, missionaries brought the gospel to the island, the most famous, of course, being Patrick.  His evangelistic strategy emphasised the uniqueness of the trinitarian God revealed in Scripture. Unlike the gods of paganism, He is unique, distinct, holy, and saving!

Early last century, as the Church of England grew inconsistent in its theology and practice, the Church of Ireland remained faithful.  Irishmen like T.C. Hammond and Irish Church Missions agency brought the gospel to those lost in false religion.  At that time the Anglican Diocese of Sydney looked to Ireland for its theologians and brought Hammond to develop Moore Theological College – now the largest Anglican theological college in the world!

The Church of Ireland Today

Sadly, since then the Church of Ireland has followed many in the Anglican Communion into a confused collection of opposing ‘theological traditions’.

Its only theological college is directed by its bishops to operate for the “benefit of all traditions within Irish Anglicanism.” [1] 

The Church of Ireland is also setting aside the founding documents of the Anglican church.

In 1999 the General Synod decided to precede the Thirty-Nine Articles with a “declaration” – used to distance the church from its historic confessional foundation. [2]

In 2004, the Book of Common Prayer was replaced with a new prayer book as the standard for Anglican doctrine and practice.

Such partings from traditional forms have also been accompanied by departures from scriptural teaching on moral issues.

In the recent referendum in the Republic of Ireland, two Church of Ireland bishops publicly supported the “Yes” campaign for same-sex marriage. [3]   A subsequent pastoral letter from the bishops gave advice to clergy seeking to enter into same-sex marriage.  Such clergy were not directed to the clear teaching of scripture but to, “think carefully about the response of others” because it is “contrary to what the Church of Ireland currently practices.” [4]

Faithful Anglicans recognise such language.  It is the language of departure from obedience the word of the Almighty God!  It is accompanied by the denial of other doctrines – the uniqueness of Christ, the atonement, human sinfulness…

In the meantime, many live in ignorance of the glorious saving gospel of Jesus Christ and Him crucified.  Recent research shows that the Republic of Ireland has the lowest percentage of evangelicals the English-speaking world.

It’s neighbouring country, Northern Ireland has seen its share of violence and trouble.  Part of the United Kingdom, it claims a high proportion of evangelical Christians, but the work is not done!  Northern Ireland also has a history of sending missionaries throughout the world, but their nearest neighbour is rarely considered.

Some Anglicans on the island are not content to let such things lie!

A small group from Ireland attended Gafcon Jerusalem in 2008, some investigating, others excited, but all signed the Jerusalem Declaration.

A larger group attended Nairobi in 2013.  While there was some follow-up from this magnificent call to mission, there was little action addressing the great mission imperative.

In 2017, some who have been involved in the global Gafcon movement saw others, such as New Zealand, Australia and South Africa begin local branches of Gafcon.  With advice from Gafcon friends around the world, a vision developed, actions were planned.

Gafcon Ireland launched on 21 April 2018 at the Belfast Waterfront!

Over 320 people from both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland came to be taught by international speakers Rev. Vaughan Roberts, Archbishop Peter Jensen, Archbishop Greg Venables, and a special launch and address by Archbishop Ali Buba Lamido.

Driven by scripture

Gafcon Ireland is driven by the message and priorities of the Bible to:

  • Proclaim

  • Partner

  • Plant

  • Prepare

PROCLAIM the message of Jesus Christ, crucified, risen and returning!                                                                      Gafcon Ireland proclaims the only name that saves rebels from God’s anger into eternal life reconciled to Him. This message is essential for all people to hear, so we devote ourselves to proclaiming it everywhere – training all Christian people to know and love the Lord and promoting this gospel. Gafcon Ireland proclaims the gospel! 

PARTNER with others who love the Lord!                                                                                                                              Gafcon Ireland partners with those who share the very Anglican passion for spreading the gospel on this island and around the world! We are particularly interested in supporting those Anglican Christians whose overseers and colleagues step away from the Bible’s teaching.

PLANT new congregations!                                                                                                                                                    There are many villages, towns and even cities in Ireland where there is no gospel witness.
In the Republic of Ireland, there are:

  • 70 towns with a population of 5000+ with no evangelical witness of any sort
  • 30 towns with a population of 10,000+ with no evangelical witness of any sort
  • 6 towns with a population of 20,000+ with no evangelical witness of any sort

This tragedy must be addressed, and Gafcon Ireland is committed to doing so! We will partner with mission organisations to get people out proclaiming and begin planting new church gatherings on the island of Ireland.

Gafcon Ireland hopes to plant 50 churches in the next 50 years! 

PREPARE Christian people for ministry!                                                                                                                               Theological education for all Christian people is essential for the growth and stability of a church and groups of churches. This is so foundational that Gafcon Ireland started this work even before its launch–creating Theology Ireland. Our plan is to grow this into a faithful training initiative that will prepare people for ministry where they find themselves, and also prepare people for full-time Christian service. Gafcon Ireland prepares by providing theological education for all.

Gafcon Ireland has launched!

We remain a tiny number of faithful Anglicans, even compared to the relatively small denomination called the “Church of Ireland.”

  • We need much prayer

  • We need more to join us

  • We need financial support.

Gafcon Ireland is passionate for the gospel of Jesus, the crucified Christ.  We wish to grow in our knowledge and love of Him.  We will proclaim, partner, plant and prepare!

For more information about Gafcon Ireland go to  Find us on Facebook, or email [email protected].


[1] Church of Ireland Theological Institute Vision Statement.
[4] Bishops’ letter, December 2015

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