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"80% of the people who are persecuted in the world today are Christian,"

stated Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali. This astounding statistic echoed throughout the week in meetings held around the capital of the United States, Washington, D.C. The U.S. State Department held the 2nd annual Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom around the world and Bishop Michael and Bishop Andudu were asked to participate and speak at two significant Ministerial side events to help shed light on the worldwide persecution of Christians. They and other Anglicans who have participated in past Gafcon events, like Faith McDonnell of the Institute of Religion and Democracy, were in attendance to be a voice for the suffering church.

"They have been starved, they've hidden in caves all because of their faith, and so I would introduce Bishop Andudu as one of the heros of the Sudanese Church who is speaking out for his people..."
- Faith McDonnell

Earlier this year at the Gafcon gathering in Dubai--as some representatives gathered who were the living embodiment of perserverance through persecution--the Primates formed a new Gafcon network called The Suffering Church Network. The network is headed by Mark Samuel. As the persecution of Christians grows in our world, and in particular, for our Anglican brothers and sisters, The Suffering Church Network is to serve as a support, advocate, prayer network and encouragement to them.

"One thing is good, while the persecution is going on, the bombardment is going on, also there is the growth of the church. Many non-Christians they have joined the church and there is real revival going on in the Nuba Mountains..."
- Bishop Andudu

"All Anglicans in every church throughout Gafcon should be involved in both prayer and advocacy." 
- Faith McDonnell

You can learn more about this network by going here which help us understand the needs of the suffering church worldwide. You can also read how we can specifically be praying and supporting this network as it plays a key role in ministering and advocating on behalf of the suffering church.

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