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A truly global gathering

Day three at #gafcon2018 has once again been filled with powerful preaching, worship and prayer… as well as time equipping delegates for ministry. There has also been a growing sense of genuine unity and excitement around the vision of faithfully proclaiming Christ to the nations in the years ahead.

2,000 delegates are in Jerusalem but nearly 250,000 from around the world have joined in with the conference through social media and another 50,000 via the eight hours a day of live-streaming- many for hours on end. This makes #gafcon2018 a truly global conference and unique in the 500 year history of Anglicanism.

It is all the more remarkable given that much of GAFCON’s support comes from areas of the majority world with only limited access to the web, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter.

So special is the global engagement that it cries out to be shared, for example, Robert M posted, 

“Praise God, Having fellowship via the livestream is encouraging and helping to develop confidence to stand and witness more clearly to the authority of the word in the power of the Holy Spirit.  I am from Leeds, England and my diocese as in England needs a sharper clearer witness to Jesus, with the authority of the word in the power of the Holy Spirit.  God bless:”

To read more comments coming from around the world as well as some from delegates at the conference click here.

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