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$4.5 Million Legal Fee Reimbursement from the Episcopal Church (TEC)

1st September 2021

Jeffrey Walton of Juicy Ecumenism reports that the Episcopal Church (TEC) has reimbursed $4.5 million in legal fees to the Anglican Diocese of Fort Worth (Texas, United States). In 2009 the Diocese was sued by TEC and it was not until this year that a unanimous decision by the Texas Supreme Court ended the litigation in favor of the Diocese. Walton shares, "It is a fraction of an estimated $51.7 million the national church has spent on property disputes across two decades, not counting additional funds spent by regional dioceses on attorneys’ fees and related expenses." At the end of the article, an editor's note goes on to outline how, "It does not include litigation expenses by Episcopal dioceses against departing parishes, which potentially number much higher. Others have estimated that number in excess of $200 million, but this article is limited to that which can be seen nationally through a review of audited financial statements."


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