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New 10th Network: The Suffering Church

After the G19 conference in Dubai in February for Christians in ‘restricted situations’, the conference delegates called for a 10th network to be formed, the Suffering Church,

‘We request that the Gafcon Primates consider developing a new network to provide fellowship, advocacy and intentional prayer for those in restricted situations and ask that all the other networks consider the particular needs of our persecuted brothers and sisters, ensuring that the gifts God has given them are used throughout our Communion.’

This request was received and agreed at the Primates’ Council and we are pleased to have leaders who have first-hand experience of serving those who suffer daily for the sake of the gospel.

The network’s mission statement is:

‘Building a global network of researchers, communicators and pastoral carers who can provide credible information to raise up:

1. Prayer and intercession

2. Advocacy

3. Fellowship and pastoral support’

Gafcon’s General Secretary, Archbishop Ben Kwashi from Jos, Nigeria has experienced the hardship of doing ministry on the front line, and in his address to the delegates at G19 he said,

“Sometimes the larger global communion tends to forget that there are some other missionary endeavours in difficult places and so when the Anglican Communion is making decisions they forget these kinds of people and to that effect I think Gafcon has taken on something that I believe we should retain so that those of us from other areas such as we are here, can always come, cry together, encourage one another and hear each other.”

You can see more about the Suffering Church network on the Gafcon website:

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