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Global Mission Partnerships

Network Statement

The Gospel of Jesus Christ redeems lives from the power of sin and reconciles the world to Him. 

Under God, the Global Mission Partnerships network exists to develop deeper collaboration to see this Gospel proclaimed around the world. By His grace, we aim to support a renewed Anglican mission movement for the 21st century, in the context of massive immigration and people movement, the revival of the Global South, and the post-Christian West. 

For the next five years, we have two proposals: a worldwide gathering of Next Generation Leaders for mission, and a Global Evangelism Initiative to empower every believer to share the Gospel. We are forming seven regional teams to collaborate on reciprocal mission: currently organised as Africa, South America, North America, Europe, Oceania, Asia, and Unreached Peoples. 

Our key values include renewed life in the Holy Spirit: empowering all believers for ministry; reciprocal mutuality in mission: from everywhere to everywhere; and global thinking: mission in our neighbourhood and linked with the church global. 

Facilitated by the Rev. Canon William Beasley (Anglican Church in North America, Greenhouse Movement), our formation meetings were integral to the Gafcon 2018 Jerusalem as we gathered 74 ecclesial leaders, missional directors, and special guests. Our agenda was to begin strategic talks about, encouragement, and especially prayer, for a special pouring out of the Holy Spirit in mission, as in the days of Peter when he preached on the steps of the temple and 3,000 were baptised in Jesus’ name.

News from the Network

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Canon William Beasley

Rev. Canon William Beasley serves as Missioner General of the Chicago-based Greenhouse Movement – a missional movement for the global Anglican Church. Deeply blessed by friendships in East Africa, South Asia and South America, William is a leading voice calling Anglicans to global reciprocal mission – Gospel mission from everywhere to everywhere. He served as the Chair of the 2017 Provincial Assembly of the Anglican Church of North America, gathering 1,300 delegates from North America and visiting global leaders from 17 countries. 

William graduated from Wheaton College in 1976 and Berkeley Divinity School at Yale where he was mentored by Henri Nouwen. He is married to Deacon Anne Beasley, and has four adult children: Andy, Sarah, Nate and Sam. 

Contact: [email protected] 

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