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3rd August 2020

Facebook live interview with Revd David Short who is our August devotion contributor. Ernie Didot finds out more about him, his ministry and about his devotion series in 1 Peter.


10th July 2020

What gives Anglicanism its integrity? In this article, Charles Raven shows that this is ultimately a question of where we look for authority.


3rd August 2020

Writing from Ireland, it seems that the majority of Irish people should be able to feel an immediate affinity with the original recipients of Peter’s first letter. A quick google search will reveal that it is estimated there are some 80 million people scattered all over the world who lay claim to some sort of Irish heritage; 34 million alone can be found just over the pond in America. The Irish diaspora, scattered and exiled have found their way around the globe and exported the both best and I’m sorry to say, the worst of Irish culture.

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