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17th January 2020
In his January letter to the Gafon family Archbishop Foley Beach celebrates Epiphany, but reflects on the sadness of the attacks on Christians in Nigeria and encourages the global family of Anglicans to stand with the suffering church.


28th January 2020

Nearly four years ago, Chancellor George Osborne claimed that the UK’s exit from the European Union would be ‘a shock to the world economy’. Thus began what became known as ‘Project Fear’, but with Brexit imminent there is no sign of financial panic nor of the other dire consequences foretold.


14th February 2020

Ambrose was the Roman governor of Liguria and Emilia before he was made Bishop of Milan by popular acclamation in 374. Trained as a rhetorician, Ambrose was a persuasive preacher who refuted most eloquently the theological propositions of the Arians and won the admiration of a young agnostic seeker from north Africa named Augustine, whom he baptized as a convert to Christianity in 387.

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