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31st May 2021

We are grateful this month of June for Lift Up Your Hearts Devotional contributions from All Saints Cathedral, Nairobi, Kenya. Provost Sammy Wainaina and his staff have generously brought insights from the book of Ephesians and more.

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22nd June 2021

In Nepal the Covid situation is very bad. They are in lockdown and there are many infections and deaths. Rev Rinzi Lama reports that in a ten-day period eight Pastors died from Covid-19 in the Kathmandu valley.
Pray for the Anglican churches as they seek to be generous and to share with the poor and vulnerable.

21st June 2021
20th June 2021
19th June 2021
18th June 2021
17th June 2021


22nd June 2021

In the month of June 2021, the All Saints Cathedral Nairobi focused on the scattered Church. Today we reflect on growing through persecution. Enjoy these devotions. Beloved in Christ, we would be worried if the church was a human effort. If it was up to us alone to defend the church, maintain her unity, or increase her numbers, we’d have reason to be concerned. For the church would certainly follow the path of so many man-made clubs and societies—for a while strong and united, but eventually weak and scattered.

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