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1st April 2021

the Province of South America announces the election of the new Primate.

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16th April 2021

In March, Rt Rev Nicholas Drayson was elected Primate of the Anglican Province of South America. Pray for Bishop Nicholas and his wife Catherine: for discernment, faithfulness, strength, vision.


16th April 2021

From what we have had the privilege of seeing so far with John as we have glimpsed the throne room which lies at the heart of the universe, we might be excused for thinking that God is rather distant and remote. After all, God is presented as the One who occupies the throne and so making his dwelling place in heaven, not on earth (chapter 4). Jesus the Lamb is certainly victorious through his death on the cross, but he too now shares his Father’s throne in glory (chapter 5). Therefore, if God is in heaven and we are on earth, how does he connect with us, how is he to make his presence known and the fruits of his victory shared? Enter the third person of the Trinity.

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