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10th July 2020
Throughout the month of July, Bishop Michael Nazir Ali is writing the 'Lift Up Your Hearts' devotions. To help us get to know more about him and his ministry Canon Charles Raven and Michelle Samuel interviewed him live on Facebook.


10th July 2020

"Integrity can be understood both in the sense of being fit for purpose, for instance when we refer to the integrity of an aircraft’s airframe, or in the sense of being honest and morally upright. Sin and human frailty make it inevitable that any Church will have its failures of integrity in the latter sense, but Anglicanism has had a particularly contested history with regard to the former, from the Roman Catholic and Puritan critics of the sixteenth century, through the Commonwealth and disestablishment in the seventeenth century, the rise of both rationalism and Methodism in the eighteenth century to the early nineteenth century Tractarian critique of a Church which in their view had become little more than a branch of government."


10th July 2020

Eve of the commemoration of Saint Benedict of Nursia and the reading is from Saint Paul’s letter to the Galatians, chapter 6:1-10. Much of Saint Paul’s teaching in chapters 5 and 6 of the Letter to the Galatians springs from half a verse: in Gal. 5:6 he talks about “faith working through love”. At the Reformation, there was fierce controversy about this half-verse. William Tyndale accused his old enemy, the Bishop of Rochester, John Fisher, of trying to make these few words mean that faith is brought about by love. No, says Tyndale, they mean rather that faith works through love or is strong and mighty in working through love. This is, indeed, the translation adopted by modern translations of the Bible. Pope Benedict, in his book Paul of Tarsus, not only agrees with Luther that the Letter to the Romans teaches that we are justified by faith alone but goes on then to explain the relationship between faith and love precisely in the terms used by Tyndale!

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