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18th October 2021

The Anglican Church in Brazil has been developing missionary work in Guinea Bissau for two years. Recently, Bishop Marcio Meira was sent from Brazil to view the work on the field and to ordain Rev Justino, the first-ever native to the diaconate.

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23rd October 2021

In 2021 in Toliara Diocese in southern Madagascar there have been many conversions, baptisms, and new Anglican churches planted. The lay leaders and Catechists must do much of the work of running the new churches. Their Training College is St. Patrick's School of Mission.


22nd October 2021

Nicodemus was right. It is impossible for anyone to be born again by their own effort, whether this is understood physically or as a word picture of a spiritual reality. ‘How can these things be?’, he asks before fading into the night.

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