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27th May 2020
This Pentecost we bring to you the Nicene Creed recited by many members of the Gafcon family from around the world.


26th May 2020

Jeremy Marshall's introduction to his devotions: Jeremy Marshall will be writing the ‘Lift Up Your Hearts’ devotions from Monday 1st June with a focus on those who have suffered throughout the Bible, honing in on people such as Joseph, Job, the widow of Nain and of course our Lord Jesus.


28th May 2020

Cyril of Alexandria was born in the small town of Didouseya, Egypt in 376. At the age of 38 he became the patriarch of Alexandria, a turbulent cosmopolitan city with over a half million inhabitants comprised equally of pagans, Jews and Christians. Cyril championed the truth of the Incarnation, through which the Son's divine nature and assumed human nature became united inseparably in the person of Jesus, the Incarnate Word, who remains fully God and fully man, forever seated at the right hand of the Father.

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