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26th July 2021

Bishop Julian Dobbs interviews Bishop William Love. "If I have to choose between being obedient to a general convention resolution or being obedient to the word of God, I’m going to choose to be obedient to the word of God.”

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2nd August 2021

The situation in northeast Nigeria is dire, with kidnappings, attacks, and killings. Some of the 140 recently kidnapped children whom we prayed for have been returned but around 80 are still in captivity. Continue to pray for the kidnapped children, for law and order to be restored, and for the mission of the church.

1st August 2021
31st July 2021
30th July 2021
29th July 2021
28th July 2021


2nd August 2021

One of the most unsettling moments in a society is when power transfers from the present ruler to his or her successor.
Even when there’s clarity about who will rule next, there’s still uncertainty about how that ruler will rule, and what they’ll be like as they take the throne.

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