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18th October 2021

The Anglican Church in Brazil has been developing missionary work in Guinea Bissau for two years. Recently, Bishop Marcio Meira was sent from Brazil to view the work on the field and to ordain Rev Justino, the first-ever native to the diaconate.

Latest Prayer

20th October 2021

The Gafcon Ireland Council meet today (Oct 20). Pray for good fellowship and for the Holy Spirit to guide them as they take counsel together. In December they have a residential conference on 'Reaching and Equipping a New Generation for Christ'. Pray for good numbers and for the planning and organisation to go smoothly.


21st October 2021

Would the child you were be proud of the person you have become? No doubt the answer to this is mixed, but many of us can feel weighed down by the past, the decisions we have made, the errors and sins we have committed.

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