Guarding and proclaiming the unchanging truth in a changing world


Jerusalem 2018

17th June 2018 to 22nd June 2018
The third global GAFCON conference will be held in Jerusalem in 2018. This section includes information on dates, why given current compromised leadership Jerusalem 2018 is so important, how the conference will add further momentum to changing the Communion from within, and how it will embody true unity.

Canterbury 2016

14th January 2016
A significant event in the history of the Anglican Communion as the Archbishop of Canterbury calls the Primates of the Anglican Communion worldwide to meet in Canterbury and take counsel on how to restore the torn fabric of the Anglican Communion. GAFCON Primates attended and took a leading role. The meeting appeared to have a measure of success, but the Archbishop of Canterbury failed to ensure that the measures agreed by the Primates were carried through.

Nairobi 2013

21st October 2013 to 26th October 2013
The second global GAFCON conference was held in Nairobi where over 1,300 faithful Anglicans, laity, clergy and bishops, united under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. A wealth of material from this conference, video and written, can be found in this section.

London 2012

23rd April 2012 to 27th April 2012
The GAFCON leaders conference meeting in London attracted some 200 senior leaders from around the Communion. A wealth of material from this conference, video and written, can be found in this section.

Jerusalem 2008

22nd June 2008 to 29th June 2008
The inauguration of GAFCON as worldwide movement of bible-believing orthodox Anglicans committed to guard and proclaim the unchanging truth of Jesus Christ in a changing world. This historic first conference was held in the city of Jerusalem.

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