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Rev. Dustin Messer - Contributor to February's Lift Up Your Hearts

Throughout February, Dustin Messer is our 'Lift Up Your Hearts' devotion contributor. Dustin is Pastor for Faith Formation at All Saints Dallas.

The devotions are also available in Spanish and Portuguese, and in audio version in English.

We hope these help to focus your thoughts and prayers on the coming of the Lord Jesus.

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Dustin took some time to discuss with Ernie Didot his devotional contributions, other writings, and ministry in Dallas. You can either watch the interview here or listen to it on a podcast here. In the interview the following articles written by Dustin were referenced:

Love in the Wasteland: T. S. Eliot’s Hopeless Affair

As Sparrows Fall, Stars Fall: Grieving Celebrity Deaths

The Whole Bible in One Verse

Archbishop Ben Kwashi
Gafcon General Secretary

1st March 2021
It's right there, in the beginning, implicit in God’s second Day Six creative speech. Intergenerational discipleship. Each generation passing on to the next the imperative to produce men and women...
26th February 2021
While for many this season is marked by near worldwide political upheaval, a still stifling pandemic, and untold economic stress, for Christians it’s still the season of Lent; a time in which we...
25th February 2021
How long after becoming a Christian should one wait before sharing their faith? Three years? Four? The disciple Philip waited only two verses! In John 1:43 Philip becomes a follower of Christ. In...
24th February 2021
In 1 Chron. 10: 13-14, we see that David is the rightful ruler of God’s people, but his reign isn’t yet recognized by everyone. We noted in yesterday’s devotional that this is the already/not yet...
23rd February 2021
Yesterday, we took note of the fact that believers live in the already/not yet of Christ’s Kingdom. His reign has been inaugurated, but not consummated. This is the position God’s people found...
22nd February 2021
How should citizens of a heavenly kingdom live while on Earth? In his seminal book Paul and the Faithfulness of God, N.T. Wright gestures towards that very question: “The new creation—both the new...
19th February 2021
In yesterday’s devotional, we noted that God rules over all of creation, not just the “religious” parts. Today, we’re going to consider how God rules—through us.
18th February 2021
Where does God rule? In asking that question, it’s easy to answer, “the church,” or “places of religious work.” But the message of Scripture says something very different. God’s rule is final, and...
17th February 2021
Yesterday, we saw that the prophet Jeremiah ate God’s word - he consumed it. Today, we’re going to take note of the fact that, for Jeremiah, the word of God wasn’t bland. It wasn’t something to eat...
16th February 2021
Have you eaten God’s word, or just tasted it? The Prophet Jeremiah is one who ate God’s word, as we see in Jeremiah 15: 16, “Your words were found, and I ate them.”
15th February 2021
When you feel lost, remember the time in which you were first found by God. Today, many Christians feel lost. The world feels new and scary. This feeling of disorientation - personal, cultural - is...
12th February 2021
Is kindness intelligible apart from the gospel? For Fredrick Nietzsche, virtues like grace, mercy, and kindness are “merely an honorable form of stupidity.” Those who practice them simply “project...
11th February 2021
How should Christians relate to civil authority? We should submit to it and we should subvert it. That’s the point of Matt 22: 19-21: 19 Show me the coin for the tax.” And they brought him a denarius...
10th February 2021
All through the New Testament, people try to trap Jesus. They want to trap him because they want to control him - they want to make him safe, tame, and usable. We see this in Matthew 22, as the...
9th February 2021
How do we respond when you get the dreaded call? Perhaps the call comes from your boss in the middle of the morning - the job we’ve relied upon for years is being taken away. Perhaps the call comes...
8th February 2021
How do we grow in our trust of God’s plan for our lives? More to it, how do we grow in our trust of God? While we may say with our lips that we believe God is working out all things for our good,...
5th February 2021
In the same pews, at the church at which I’m privileged to minister, sit people of different races, ages, and political parties—all confessing their sins, singing of God's grace, and taking the Lord'...
4th February 2021
I recently met the brother of a good friend of mine. As he approached me, before he introduced himself, I shouted, “You must be Kyle’s brother!” Even from the other side of the room, the family...


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