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Dear Subscriber,

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are unable to continue the weekday Lift Up Your Heart devotionals.

It is our hope that in the future we may be able to resume providing the devotional, or at least, have a series at particular points in the Anglican Liturgical Calendar.

As you will appreciate there has been considerable time and effort involved in producing the devotionals thus far.

Much of that work has been done voluntarily and we want to thank our writers, recorders and translators for providing such a wonderful service over the course of these past months.

We continue to pray that the devotions will have caused you to regularly turn to the Scriptures and seek the counsel of our great God for your daily life.

The Lord be with you.
Archbishop Ben Kwashi
General Secretary

2nd July 2021
And we are writing these things so that our joy may be complete. I John 1:4.
1st July 2021
The life was made manifest, and we have seen it and testify to it and proclaim to you the eternal life, which was with the Father and was made manifest to us. 1 John 1:2
30th June 2021
Urged to reflect upon myself, I entered under your guidance into the inmost depth of my soul. I was able to do so because you were my helper. On entering into myself I saw, as it were with the eye of...
29th June 2021
Blessed is everyone who fears the Lord, who walks in his ways. Whenever scripture speaks of the fear of the Lord we notice that it is never mentioned on its own, as if fear could by itself bring our...
28th June 2021
Beloved, see what a marvellous thing love is; its perfection is beyond our expression. Who can truly love, save those to whom God grants it? We ought to beg and beseech him in his mercy that our love...
25th June 2021
Let the man truly possessed by the love of Christ keep his commandments. Who can express the binding power of divine love? Who can find words for the splendor of its beauty? Beyond all description...
24th June 2021
John Piper has rightly observed that God uses the persecution and suffering of his people to spread the truth of Christ and to bless the world (cf. Luke 21:12-13). He rules over the sufferings of the...
23rd June 2021
It is interesting to observe what Peter and John do immediately upon their release. They do one thing that's very natural, and they do another thing that's very supernatural. The natural response is...
22nd June 2021
In the month of June 2021, the All Saints Cathedral Nairobi focused on the scattered Church. Today we reflect on growing through persecution. Enjoy these devotions. Beloved in Christ, we would be...
21st June 2021
2 Peter 3:1-18 Perspective is an important aspect of life. It dictates how we approach issues and how we go about our lives, yet often times, we do not take time to analyze what it is we really...
18th June 2021
2 Peter 1:10-11 In the first chapter of Peter’s second epistle, he instructs believers at least three times to make every effort. We can tell from his years as a disciple and an apostle, Peter knew...
17th June 2021
1 Peter 4:1-6 It is said that sometimes it may be easier to die for Christ than to live for Him. We could have an argument for or against this statement with valid reasons. The point is however, that...
16th June 2021
1:13-16 Looking at the passage we’ve read, we see the call to holiness in three ways: 1) as an appeal to the mind; 2) appeal to the heart and; 3) as an appeal to character.
15th June 2021
I want to believe that we all get excited every time we receive a letter or a message from someone we care about or look up to. Can you imagine what it meant for the early Christians to receive a...
14th June 2021
One lesson I have loved teaching over the years in Sunday school classes for children is the parable of talents as recorded in Mathew 25:14-30 and Luke 19:11-27. There is always something new in this...
11th June 2021
1 Kings chapter 2 narrates how when the great King David was nearing the time of his death, he summoned his son Solomon to whom he was to bequeath the responsibility of becoming the next King of...
10th June 2021
Who would your son or daughter find at church if he strayed there on a random weekday looking for answers? Would they find people there to guide them or discourse their latest scriptural findings?...
9th June 2021
Notably, the command to increase and multiply was first given to the family unit after the Lord had instituted one at the Garden of Eden. Families are at the center of God’s plan to increase and fill...


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