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We are grateful this month of July for Lift Up Your Hearts Devotional contributions from Rev. Jodie McNeil in Australia.

Jodie is the Rector of Jamberoo Anglican, a regional and rural parish in the Diocese of Sydney, which describes itself as “orthodox, Anglican, missional, village, heritage, and intergenerational”. He attended Gafcon Jerusalem Conference 2018 with his wife Mandy, and they have two married daughters and two high-school-aged sons. Prior to the past decade as a parish rector, he served at Anglican Youthworks where he trained and lectured in youth ministry, founded the Year 13 gap year program, and directed the camping and conferencing ministries. He enjoys beach walks and cafe breakfasts with Mandy, playing and listening to music, avoiding running injuries, and volunteering in the Rural Fire Service.

Each day’s devotion is based on one chapter from 1 Kings, where we witness King David’s final days, King Solomon’s wisdom and his temple construction, the tragic fall from grace by so many of the disobedient kings of the divided kingdom, through to the extraordinary ministry of Elijah.
Jodie seeks to help us read 1 Kings as Christian scripture, understanding this remarkable book in its Biblical Theological context. As we experience the highs and lows of the rule of God’s kings, we will learn so much more about the true king of the Kingdom of God, Jesus the Messiah, and what that means to us as we follow him as our king.

If you have time, it would be great to read each chapter of 1 Kings along with the devotion, so that you might hear God’s word, yourself. For further reading and encouragement, Jodie recommends the excellent commentary on 1 Kings by John Woodhouse called ‘Power, Politics, and the Hope of the World’, which has been a constant companion in his preparation for this month’s devotions.

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30th March 2021
It might seem like an unlikely contestant in the fight for favourite Bible passages, but Titus 2 is one of my favourite chapters in the Bible. There are two things I love about it: the image of...
29th March 2021
While welcoming a new family into our church, the conversation turned to why they were seeking a move from their previous congregation. I knew this other church to be led by a great team who were...
26th March 2021
In this passage we see Paul address the responsibilities, in the light of the gospel, of children and fathers. He has previously urged the Ephesian readers to “live as children of light” (5:8) and “...
25th March 2021
My youngest son often declares that he loves me much more than I love him. Sometimes we joke about it, comparing the extravagant extent of our love. Other times I let it go with a smile at his...
24th March 2021
It is startling when something you expect to be restricted to an exclusive few, is made available to the many. Imagine a celebrity wedding banquet where children are suddenly invited, or an expensive...
23rd March 2021
From the moment of birth, we are on a journey towards independence and self-reliance. We celebrate milestones of independence like learning to walk, learning to talk, and learning to drive. Now we...
22nd March 2021
At this point in Mark, the central turning point has already been reached when Jesus announced his forthcoming death and the way of discipleship (Mark 8:31-38). The way of Christian discipleship is...
19th March 2021
This is a special passage because we know so little about Jesus’ life before the age of 30. It reminds us of the miracle of the incarnation, that he was truly a human being as well as truly God.
18th March 2021
Most children I know love the game of hide-and-seek. My own children love finding places to hide in our apartment, or love returning to spots that they have worked out to stump each other. The joy in...
17th March 2021
Have you ever pondered what legacy you might leave behind you? Most of us are likely too rushed to indulge such grandiose questions. However, in Psalm 127 it is a question that Solomon, son of King...
16th March 2021
Psalm 78 is the second longest Psalm in the Psalter and opens with a prophetic call to listen as the speaker opens their mouth in a parable. The word translated parable here has the sense of a hidden...
15th March 2021
When faced with turbulent times and struggles in life, most of us, in our heart of hearts, yearn for a father to set things right for us. One who will comfort, guide, protect, and teach us, who will...
12th March 2021
The book of Hosea is known for its confronting portrayal of Israel’s idolatry as spiritual adultery. The prophet Hosea’s words—and his own marriage—show that the relationship of God and Israel was in...
11th March 2021
When I was eight years old, I felt very special. My grandfather entrusted his utility (name of a pickup truck in Australia) to me when he taught me how to drive it on his farm. I thought it was...
10th March 2021
The story of David and Goliath is a Sunday School favourite. There is a problem (verse 1), a villain (verse 4) and an unlikely hero (verse 32) who wins the day (verse 50).
9th March 2021
Honor your father and your mother, as the Lord your God has commanded you, so that you may live long and that it may go well with you in the land the Lord your God is giving you. - Deuteronomy 5:16
8th March 2021
When was the last time you forgot something? It might have been yesterday; it might have been five minutes ago. For most people, it will be recently! We have alarms, calendars, and diaries because we...
5th March 2021
It is not hard to understand why Moses gives so much attention to children in his final sermons to the nation of Israel. With the passing of one generation, it lay upon the next generation—and those...


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