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Dear Subscriber,

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are unable to continue the weekday Lift Up Your Heart devotionals.

It is our hope that in the future we may be able to resume providing the devotional, or at least, have a series at particular points in the Anglican Liturgical Calendar.

As you will appreciate there has been considerable time and effort involved in producing the devotionals thus far.

Much of that work has been done voluntarily and we want to thank our writers, recorders and translators for providing such a wonderful service over the course of these past months.

We continue to pray that the devotions will have caused you to regularly turn to the Scriptures and seek the counsel of our great God for your daily life.

The Lord be with you.
Archbishop Ben Kwashi
General Secretary

23rd August 2021
If you’ve been wronged or seen others wronged, you’ll pray that justice will come. This is why it’s good that God is a fair and righteous judge, and that the day is coming when he will judge the...
20th August 2021
When things go wrong, we can be tempted to doubt God’s promises. As we grieve the deaths from Covid-19, we might ask where God is and what he’s doing.
19th August 2021
It’s sad to see stubborn hearts that refuse to submit to God’s good rule. In 1 Kings 14 we see the hard-hearted stubbornness of the king of God’s northern tribes, Jeroboam, as well as some...
18th August 2021
The toughest job in the Old Testament is a prophet. Usually the message that the Lord gives them to speak is rejected by the hearers, and they also get a really hard time for saying it.
17th August 2021
What should a leader of God’s people be like? As we’ve been reading 1 Kings each day, we’ve seen the successes and failures of God’s kings, and it’s helped us recognise what is most needed in his...
16th August 2021
It’s tragic when a person falls away from following Jesus. It’s even worse when that person was once a Christian pastor. His or her apostasy doesn’t just affect them, but it can also bring others...
13th August 2021
What’s your favourite rags-to-riches story? Ever since Cinderella there have been remarkable stories of nobodies becoming world-famous somebodies. Before King David, Jerusalem was an unknown little...
12th August 2021
Have you ever experienced something that seemed perfect? You’re with the perfect companion, enjoying the perfect meal, with a perfect view… until someone knocks over the food and you get bitten by...
11th August 2021
What church services have had a special place in your memory? Maybe it was your confirmation, or a wedding or funeral, or maybe a special moment when you felt like you’d been lifted up to the very...
10th August 2021
What does your house say about you? After he built God’s temple, King Solomon began work on his palace and the surrounding buildings. He knew that God was present in his temple, but that he also...
9th August 2021
If you could design the ultimate church building, then what would it be like? In 1 Kings chapter 6, King Solomon began to build the long-awaited temple of the Lord. In fact, it was so long-awaited...
6th August 2021
Even though I know it’s essentially a shelter from the rain, there’s still a special place in my heart for the building in which I heard God’s word as a youth, and was married as an adult. Our...
5th August 2021
Have you ever found the book of Proverbs to be a little unsatisfying as a Christian? After all, it lists lots of practical advice about good living, but doesn’t talk a lot about the big salvation...
4th August 2021
If you could ask God for one wish, what would that be? Many might seek health, wealth, success, or happiness.
3rd August 2021
What makes a great leader? In 1 Kings chapter 2, we hear the final words of King David, as he tells his son Solomon how to lead God’s people in the right way.
2nd August 2021
One of the most unsettling moments in a society is when power transfers from the present ruler to his or her successor. Even when there’s clarity about who will rule next, there’s still uncertainty...
30th July 2021
Little children, keep yourselves from idols. 1 John 5:21.
29th July 2021
And this is the confidence we have toward him that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. 1 John 5:14.


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