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We are grateful that for the month of October, Lift Up Your Hearts devotional contributions will be from Dr. Bill Salier in Australia.

Bill is a consultant with the Gafcon Theological Education Network and his desire is to see excellent theological education around the world supporting the mission of the church in making disciples of Christ. Bill holds a PhD in New Testament studies from Cambridge University, has taught at Moore College, Sydney and was recently the Principal of Youthworks College, a college specialising in training workers for children’s and youth ministry. Bill is married to Sue and has three adult daughters. With age, his love for running has slowed to walking.

In these devotions we will be looking at John 1-4 as John takes his time to introduce Jesus to us. At times we will take a deep dive into specific verses, at other times longer passages. John’s desire is that we might trust Jesus to enjoy eternal life (John 20:30-31) and the hope is these devotions will help us along that path, whether we have just started out or been walking with Jesus for some time.

In writing these devotions, Bill would like to acknowledge the helpful insights of commentators on the Fourth Gospel including Andreas Köstenberger, Edward Klink, and Leslie Newbigin. 

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7th September 2021
The coming of the kingdom of God, says our Lord and Saviour, does not admit of observation, and there will be no-one to say “Look here! Look there!” For the kingdom of God is within us and in our...
6th September 2021
Unless the Lord builds a house, the builders labor in vain. You are the temple of God. The Spirit of God dwells in you. This is the house and temple of God, full of his doctrine and his power, a...
3rd September 2021
All of us who believe in Christ Jesus are said to be living stones, according to the words of Scripture: But you are living stones, built as a spiritual house in a holy priesthood, that you may offer...
2nd September 2021
This is our house of prayer, but we too are a house of God. If we are a house of God, its construction goes on in time so that it may be dedicated at the end of time.
1st September 2021
The Jews in this episode were angry at his expulsion of the people who were turning his Father's house into a market. So they asked for a sign to justify their actions, a sign that would show that...
31st August 2021
Every person knows that God exists, but most people do nothing about it. Yet, anyone who ignores the truth will be judged for their disobedience. In our final devotion, from 1 Kings 22, we see how...
30th August 2021
Being a leader is hard, especially when it comes to wisely using the power that comes from authority. In 1 Kings 21 we witness an appalling abuse of power by King Ahab, which stands in complete...
27th August 2021
Bullying is horrible, but it’s even worse when the bully is a leader in power. In our chapter from 1 Kings 20 we will see some big bullies doing some big bullying. It starts with King Ben-hadad who...
26th August 2021
When we battle with the same trials and troubles, it’s tempting to seek a fresh word from the Lord. We can wrongly think that the old, old story of the Bible is outdated and lacking relevance.
25th August 2021
When people say that all religions are the same, they offend everyone. True tolerance acknowledges that every religion is different, and allows people to disagree with respect. But, the truth will...
24th August 2021
Big problems call for big solutions. God’s people have had a big fall since the heights of David and Solomon, and now they need a big solution. In 1 Kings chapter 17, we meet that solution… a man...
23rd August 2021
If you’ve been wronged or seen others wronged, you’ll pray that justice will come. This is why it’s good that God is a fair and righteous judge, and that the day is coming when he will judge the...
20th August 2021
When things go wrong, we can be tempted to doubt God’s promises. As we grieve the deaths from Covid-19, we might ask where God is and what he’s doing.
19th August 2021
It’s sad to see stubborn hearts that refuse to submit to God’s good rule. In 1 Kings 14 we see the hard-hearted stubbornness of the king of God’s northern tribes, Jeroboam, as well as some...
18th August 2021
The toughest job in the Old Testament is a prophet. Usually the message that the Lord gives them to speak is rejected by the hearers, and they also get a really hard time for saying it.
17th August 2021
What should a leader of God’s people be like? As we’ve been reading 1 Kings each day, we’ve seen the successes and failures of God’s kings, and it’s helped us recognise what is most needed in his...
16th August 2021
It’s tragic when a person falls away from following Jesus. It’s even worse when that person was once a Christian pastor. His or her apostasy doesn’t just affect them, but it can also bring others...
13th August 2021
What’s your favourite rags-to-riches story? Ever since Cinderella there have been remarkable stories of nobodies becoming world-famous somebodies. Before King David, Jerusalem was an unknown little...


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