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We are grateful this month of July for Lift Up Your Hearts Devotional contributions from Rev. Jodie McNeil in Australia.

Jodie is the Rector of Jamberoo Anglican, a regional and rural parish in the Diocese of Sydney, which describes itself as “orthodox, Anglican, missional, village, heritage, and intergenerational”. He attended Gafcon Jerusalem Conference 2018 with his wife Mandy, and they have two married daughters and two high-school-aged sons. Prior to the past decade as a parish rector, he served at Anglican Youthworks where he trained and lectured in youth ministry, founded the Year 13 gap year program, and directed the camping and conferencing ministries. He enjoys beach walks and cafe breakfasts with Mandy, playing and listening to music, avoiding running injuries, and volunteering in the Rural Fire Service.

Each day’s devotion is based on one chapter from 1 Kings, where we witness King David’s final days, King Solomon’s wisdom and his temple construction, the tragic fall from grace by so many of the disobedient kings of the divided kingdom, through to the extraordinary ministry of Elijah.
Jodie seeks to help us read 1 Kings as Christian scripture, understanding this remarkable book in its Biblical Theological context. As we experience the highs and lows of the rule of God’s kings, we will learn so much more about the true king of the Kingdom of God, Jesus the Messiah, and what that means to us as we follow him as our king.

If you have time, it would be great to read each chapter of 1 Kings along with the devotion, so that you might hear God’s word, yourself. For further reading and encouragement, Jodie recommends the excellent commentary on 1 Kings by John Woodhouse called ‘Power, Politics, and the Hope of the World’, which has been a constant companion in his preparation for this month’s devotions.

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10th April 2020
It is not “singing above our heads” for the Rt. Reverend Andudu Adam Elnail and his people in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan to sing “Jesus, I my cross have taken, all to leave and follow Thee.” It is...
9th April 2020
There is a cost to speaking out.  Sharing the Gospel can result in lack of educational or employment opportunities. It can get you beaten, arrested, and even killed. 
8th April 2020
The expression “drinking from the fire hose” may be over-used and cliché, but when it comes to learning about the global persecution of Christians, it is quite appropriate. 
7th April 2020
This is my last week to share messages about the Suffering Church with you for your Lenten Devotions. I will focus on the region where the Rt. Reverend Andudu Adam Elnail, the co-leader of our GAFCON...
6th April 2020
One of the speakers at the New Wineskins Missions Conference last year was my friend and brother in Christ, Dominic Sputo. Dominic spoke on the night dedicated to the Suffering Church. Author of an...
3rd April 2020
Those who previously were uninformed about – or closing their eyes to – the severity of what Christians around the world face have found it hard to avoid reality in recent years. Groups like ISIS,...
2nd April 2020
Yesterday’s devotions focused on Hungary, an advocacy partner for the Suffering Church. I mentioned their museum exhibit, Cross-in-Fire. The exhibit is both spiritually and artistically powerful....
1st April 2020
Advocacy partners amongst fellow churches and groups here at home help persecuted Christians. So do partners amongst fellow churches on the ground where persecution occurs. And then God does...
30th March 2020
I discovered on Facebook today (writing on Friday, March 27) that it is my friend Alexander Ogorodnikov’s birthday. I’d already been planning to include Alexander, “Sasha,” in my devotions. So this...
30th March 2020
In the remaining days I have left to share my thoughts on advocacy for persecuted Christians with you, let’s explore some additional characteristics that make an effective advocate.
27th March 2020
Yesterday I shared the story of Iranian Christian martyr Bishop Haik Hovsepian Mehr. I also mentioned the friend for whom he, a persecuted Christian himself, became an advocate: Mehdi Dibaj. Today I...
26th March 2020
In these Lenten devotions focused on the Suffering Church we have seen powerful Biblical examples of advocacy. Those examples are in the Hebrew Scriptures through the stories of Abraham, Moses,...
25th March 2020
I talked about the role of praying the Psalms in a previous one of these Lenten devotions. As advocates and intercessors for the Suffering Church, we can see the Psalms as a great aid to spiritual...
24th March 2020
This past Sunday, March 22, Archbishop Ben Kwashi and Archbishop Foley Beach issued a call to GAFCON to pray and fast to intercede against the spread of COVID-19; the locusts moving across East...
23rd March 2020
Jesus, The Advocate, is our model for advocacy. And Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to us as another Advocate. Jesus calls Him “another comforter,” but as many have said, sometimes God comforts us in our...
20th March 2020
This Lenten devotions series is unusual, I admit it. Is it appropriate to talk about advocacy – whether political or social – during this Holy season? Is it proper to take inventory of our failures...
19th March 2020
Jesus, the perfect example of advocacy for us as we seek to be advocates for our persecuted brothers and sisters, revealed how much God cares about justice. “Will not God bring about justice for His...
18th March 2020
As followers of Jesus, forgiven and redeemed by His blood, and already embarking on the Eternal life we will experience more fully in Heaven, we are instructed by Paul to be “imitators of Christ.”...


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