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Throughout the rest of the month of January, Barbara Gautier is contributing our devotionals from the Early Church Fathers, which are also available in Spanish and Portuguese, and in audo version in English.

We hope these help to focus your thoughts and prayers on the coming of the Lord Jesus.

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Archbishop Ben Kwashi
Gafcon General Secretary

22nd April 2020
Cranmer selected John 20:19-23 as the Gospel for the First Sunday after Easter. In this reading, we encounter the strange juxtaposition of Christ’s offer of peace paired with the highlighting of his...
21st April 2020
In Cranmer’s Gospel reading for the First Sunday after Easter, we encounter the strange juxtaposition of Christ’s offer of peace paired with the highlighting of his nail-scarred hands and pierced...
20th April 2020
Cranmer’s Gospel reading for the First Sunday after Easter continues with the next section of John 20, namely, verses 19-23, the story of Jesus appearing to the disciples in a locked room on the...
17th April 2020
The resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth was intended by God to challenge our most fundamental assumptions about the world and about ourselves. Mark aptly captures the immediate painful confusion of his...
16th April 2020
Only in the light of Heaven, where the risen Lord Jesus sits at the right hand of God, do we begin truly to understand the human condition. In the immortal words of Thomas Cranmer, we see what we...
15th April 2020
The promise of Easter is that the supernatural power that raised Christ from the dead is at work in those united to him by faith to make them more like him. God seeks our best even before we do. God...
14th April 2020
Belief transforms behavior. That is the message of Thomas Cranmer’s two Scripture readings for Easter Sunday (John 20:1-10 and Col. 3:1-7). Because we are united to the resurrected Christ in faith,...
13th April 2020
For our next series of weekday devotions, we are going to be looking at Cranmer’s collects and readings for Holy Communion on Sundays in the season of Easter. This week we begin with Easter Sunday.
10th April 2020
It is not “singing above our heads” for the Rt. Reverend Andudu Adam Elnail and his people in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan to sing “Jesus, I my cross have taken, all to leave and follow Thee.” It is...
9th April 2020
There is a cost to speaking out.  Sharing the Gospel can result in lack of educational or employment opportunities. It can get you beaten, arrested, and even killed. 
8th April 2020
The expression “drinking from the fire hose” may be over-used and cliché, but when it comes to learning about the global persecution of Christians, it is quite appropriate. 
7th April 2020
This is my last week to share messages about the Suffering Church with you for your Lenten Devotions. I will focus on the region where the Rt. Reverend Andudu Adam Elnail, the co-leader of our GAFCON...
6th April 2020
One of the speakers at the New Wineskins Missions Conference last year was my friend and brother in Christ, Dominic Sputo. Dominic spoke on the night dedicated to the Suffering Church. Author of an...
3rd April 2020
Those who previously were uninformed about – or closing their eyes to – the severity of what Christians around the world face have found it hard to avoid reality in recent years. Groups like ISIS,...
2nd April 2020
Yesterday’s devotions focused on Hungary, an advocacy partner for the Suffering Church. I mentioned their museum exhibit, Cross-in-Fire. The exhibit is both spiritually and artistically powerful....
1st April 2020
Advocacy partners amongst fellow churches and groups here at home help persecuted Christians. So do partners amongst fellow churches on the ground where persecution occurs. And then God does...
30th March 2020
In the remaining days I have left to share my thoughts on advocacy for persecuted Christians with you, let’s explore some additional characteristics that make an effective advocate.
30th March 2020
I discovered on Facebook today (writing on Friday, March 27) that it is my friend Alexander Ogorodnikov’s birthday. I’d already been planning to include Alexander, “Sasha,” in my devotions. So this...


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