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Our Spiritual Possessions in Christ - Eph 1:4-14

1st June 2021

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It is our great pleasure at All Saints' Cathedral, Nairobi team to be part of those sharing reflections this month in the run up to the celebration of Gafcon Sunday on 27th June 2021. In our series this week, I intend to take us through a journey of the book of Ephesians with a view of helping us discover three things; namely, our rich possessions in Jesus Christ, our unique positioning as believers in Jesus Christ and our divine spiritual responsibilities as God's ambassadors. We state in these reflections that discovering who we are as disciples of Jesus Christ enables us to faithfully and urgently commit to proclaiming the Gospel in an era where political correctness dominates all spheres of life. Such a faithful proclamation will ensure that the Church is grounded on orthodox faith as passed on to us and as contained in Gafcon documents.

Minister: Rev. Evans Omollo - Assistant Provost at All Saints' Cathedral, Nairobi

In Ephesians 1:4-14, Paul helps us, like the Church in Ephesus, to see the incredible riches that we possess as a consequence of our faith in Jesus Christ. He lists at least eleven spiritual blessings that every believer possesses in Christ Jesus. In summary they mean two things:

One, that we belong to Christ. God chose us (vs.7) and sealed us by His Holy Spirit (vs. 14) to be his own. This puts us in a very unique position as God's children. Every believer must realize that they are special regardless of their age, cultural background, profession, position in society or past mistakes. Our families may reject us, the world may judge us, our enemies may dislike us but the truth being revealed here is that God loves us and has accepted us to be his own. He possesses us in his son Jesus. It means that no one can pluck us out of God's hands. His love and grace hold us tight. As we seek to grow in our faith as believers to attain full maturity in him (cf. Ephesians 4: 12-13), we must discover the riches that God has lavished on us as listed by Paul in this passage. Such a discovery endows us with confidence to live holy and upright lives in the social contexts where God has put us. We live to please God and not people. That is why believers in contexts where they are being persecuted for their faith must stand firm and be willing to be counted on with Jesus regardless of the consequences. Like Paul, we must discover that in order to gain something, we must lose something (cf. Phil 3:7-8). Paul was willing to lose the pride that came with his Jewish heritage so that he could gain Christ and be found in him.

Two, Our salvation is priceless. Paul reminds us here of the spiritual riches that we possess as a result of our faith in Jesus, received by God's grace. These riches are incomparable to anything else the world can offer. That is why he says in Philippians 3:7-8 that ... what was to profit I now consider loss for the sake of Christ. What is more, I consider everything a loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Jesus my Lord ... Paul's words here are better understood in the context of increasing false belief in material possessions that the world offers. Several parts of the world, largely the West, have abundance of resources that in many ways serve as a distraction from faithful commitment to the ways of the Lord. Whereas wealth is beneficial to humanity in many ways, they should never distract our attention or compromise our commitments to the Lord Jesus. The Majority world - Africa, Asian, Latin America and parts of Oceania - with increasing presence of poverty are equally challenged by these verses, that though they may lack riches of the world, they are nonetheless hugely spiritually endowed if they have given themselves to faithfully walking with the Lord.


Let us Pray: Lord Jesus, we thank you for saving us and making us your children. We ask that you open our eyes to see how rich we are in your son Jesus Christ. May you inspire us to remain fully committed to this precious faith so that our lives may glorify you. Amen.

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The Anglican Mission in England is a small Convocation of Anglican churches committed to church planting. Their vision is to have 25 congregations by 2025 and 250 congregations by 2050. They are developing a rigorous system for discerning the call of men and women to training and ordination. Pray for the Lord to call and for leaders to discern at each stage of the process.

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