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Potential bad disagreement saved by wine

There was tension in the hall today as a serious disagreement emerged between two of Gafcon’s leaders.
After making a statement, Bishop Tito Zavala was publicly rebuked by his primate, Greg Venables the Archbishop of South America, who prefaced his remarks by saying solemnly that his brother was seriously mistaken and going against the Lord’s clear guidance.
Bishop Zavala had claimed in his address earlier that the Chilean wine was the best in the world. Archbishop Venables countered by saying that in the opinion of most theologians, Argentine wine was definitely the best. The tension was immediately relieved with much laughter.
(This followed a clarification by Bishop Zavala in which he reiterated that, though Chile was in the process of becoming a new Province of the Anglican Communion, they remain fully united with Gafcon, committed to its vision, 
and continue to be wholehearted supporters of the Jerusalem Statement and Declaration.)

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