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4th June 2020

Jeremy will be writing the‘Lift Up Your Hearts’ devotions throughout June with a focus on those who have suffered throughout the Bible, honing in on people such as Joseph, Job, the widow of Nain and of course our Lord Jesus. To help you get to know Jeremy a bit more we interviewed him LIVE on Facebook on Monday June 1st.


2nd June 2020

Gafcon's Membership Development Secretary Revd Canon Charles Raven discusses the importance and blessings of the global church. Originally published for The Latimer Trust.


5th June 2020

Ecclesiastes (7:13) is "Consider what God has done: Who can straighten what he has made crooked?" Thomas Boston (1676-1732) wrote a wonderful book on this "The Crook in the Lot" which I found amazingly helpful. Boston was a pastor and lived a very obscure life in a tiny Scottish town called Ettrick. Crucially, he was well acquainted with suffering and the book is permeated with deep wisdom from the many sufferings that came into his "lot". He struggled with a hostile church that was deeply divided. His wife Catherine was a chronic depressive. Not surprising when one reads that of their 10 children 6 died in infancy. They had already buried one son called Ebenezer (which means "Up to now has God helped us") when they had another son born. Should they risk calling him Ebenezer also, given the tragically ironic nature of the name if he also died? They did name him Ebenezer and he also died.

4th June 2020
3rd June 2020
2nd June 2020

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