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17th November 2020

Gafcon Australia's statement in response to the Australian Appellate Tribunal, which voted that the proposed Liturgy to bless same-sex unions is not in conflict with the Church's teaching on marriage.


10th July 2020

What gives Anglicanism its integrity? In this article, Charles Raven shows that this is ultimately a question of where we look for authority.


4th December 2020

Today we begin with the question:
“How is Advent Season arranged?”

Advent is arranged in such a way as to balance the two theme elements of remembrance and anticipation. The first two weeks look forward to Christ’s second coming, the rationale being that Jesus Christ may return even during Christmas. In this regard, the prayerful anticipation of this second coming may even serve as an appropriate preparation for Christmas where the believers may be found alert. The last two weeks look backward to remember and celebrate Christ’s first coming in Bethlehem.

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