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3rd August 2020

Facebook live interview with Revd David Short who is our August devotion contributor. Ernie Didot finds out more about him, his ministry and about his devotion series in 1 Peter.


10th July 2020

What gives Anglicanism its integrity? In this article, Charles Raven shows that this is ultimately a question of where we look for authority.


4th August 2020

As Peter begins his letter, he introduces the way in which this true grace of God changes everything for the Christian. Their status. They are no longer citizens of this world. They have now become travelers, sojourners in the world, passing through as elect exiles, whose heavenly dwelling is at their journey’s end. Obviously Peter is picking up on Old Testament themes, but instead of reinforcing them with the uncertainties that beset the Israelites, Peter infuses them with the assurance that just as Jesus, the perfect head of God’s people, was exiled before entering his heavenly home again, so too they can journey with confidence.

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